FORK- General Information and Installation Guide. SHOCK- 2016 All Coil Shocks (DHX2 and VAN models). FORK- 2015-2016 36mm Dust Wiper and Bath Oil Service.

Fox float service manual

Rebound damping: controls the rate at which the fork extends. For detailed service instructions, consult a FOX Service Manual for your particular product. To facilitate service, FOX forks should be disassembled into the 6 main subassemblies: Damper Topcap; Damper; Spring Topcap; Spring.

Before removing the RL topcap, you must first remove the rebound knob and lockout lever, and then the nut at the bottom of the fork leg, which will be removed in. Flow Mountain Bike shows you how to perform a basic service (oil and seal change) on a FOX Float mountain. How to service air chamber on Fox Float RP23. Neglect your suspension and it’s your wallet that will take a hit, so learn how to overhaul it.

Fox float service manual

Demonstration of the service and rebuild of a mountain bike Fox Float Kashima CTD shock. Forks need attention and according to Fox they are glad if everybody with the confidence to service their own fork, does it. Easily find the correct oil volume specifications for your Fox bicycle suspension forks – biketechtools. Giving your rear shock a basic service and regular clean will help keep your suspension running smoothly.

Service and Warranty provisions of this manual. FOX FLOAT X EVOL Service Parts Kit (1 pair of shocks) 803. So Fox have the full rebuild manual for "Float" shocks for snow mobiles, but in Fox’s infinite wisdom it looks like us MTB guys are too dumb.

Fox float service manual

Send the shock to FOX Racing Shox with the shipping pre-paid by sender. Refer to your vehicle’s service manual for complete instructions. Fox float 32 RL service in Mechanics’ Lounge. Your Fox fork may feel like a million bucks, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve. I have always just downloaded the proper service manual and.

Remember the last time you changed shock oil on your trusty. Got a 2007 Fox 32 Float R forks and Float R rear shock. Fox have service manuals up on their website, you should find it there.